Travel Insurance

You are all set to embark on a journey. It could be for pleasure – a short break to the seaside or the mountains, a dream holiday on board a luxury cruise ship or a trekking adventure to a remote park. You might even be travelling overseas on business. However, sometimes unexpected events might spoil your plans, which in turn could result in loss of money on cancellations, non-refundable fares or other additional unbudgeted expenses.

Travel insurance can save the day by covering your losses. If you are unsure as to whether you need travel insurance, ask yourself these questions:

  • In case of an unexpected illness, a natural calamity or any other unforeseen event, can I afford to bear the loss for the amount that I have invested in making travel arrangements?
  • If due to an emergency, I have to cut short my trip, can I afford to buy a return air ticket?
  • Does my health insurance extend to covering medical expenses incurred for any illness or injury that I suffer from during my travels?
  • If my baggage is lost in transit, or if I have to stay an extra night at the destination due to inclement weather conditions, can I afford the additional cost incurred for buying essential items or for paying for the extended stay in a hotel?

If your response to any of these questions has been ‘No’, making an investment in travel insurance can take the weight of your shoulders if any calamity should befall you. A small sum paid towards travel insurance can result in a huge saving in case of any unfortunate incident.

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